Juggle is about freeing you to do the things you want to do.  

It's also about helping you juggle with excellence the things you have to do.

Within Juggle's pages you will discover keys to juggling your roles and responsibilities well, and living the good life you long to live. 

Along the way you'll also find rest for your weary soul and lots of encouragement that you can do this.

Table of Contents

Principle #1   What Tops Your List?
Principle #2   Find Your Purpose
Principle #3   Develop Your Initiative List
Principle #4   Why You Need to Be Your Own Parent
Principle #5   Working Your Plan
Principle #6   Setting Boundaries
Principle #7   Maximizing Every Moment
Principle #8   Taming the Communication Monster
Principle #9   Self Care: Not An Option
Principle #10 Just Do It: Don’t Over-think It
About the Author

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